Wr Grace Case Study

Topics: Ledger, General ledger, Accountancy journals and ledgers Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: May 28, 2013
1. Why did WR Grace’s general ledger system need an overhaul? Grace’s general ledger setup was a disorganized tangle of multiple ledgers, redundant data, and inefficiency processes. The company had three separate ledger systems from SAP and all three ledgers had different configurations and different levels of granularity within the reporting functionality, and all three of the ledgers were driven by separate data sources. Grace want to create a more efficient and advance system. 2. What made SAP a logical partner for Grace’s upgrade? SAP General Ledger was attractive to Grace because of its many unique and useful features. It has the ability to automatically and simultaneously post all sub-ledger items in the appropriate general accounts, simultaneously update general ledger and cost accounting areas, and evaluate and report on current accounting data in real time. Grace also liked SAP’s centralized approach to general ledger, up-to date references for the rendering of accounts across all of its divisions. 3. What obstacles did SAP and Grace face in their attempts to consolidate Grace’s ledgers? SAP and Grace split the project into two main components: General Ledger Data Migration, and Business Process Testing. General Ledger Data Migration involved acquiring all of the relevant data from Grace’s three separate ledgers, combining it and eliminating redundancies, and supplying it to the SAP General Ledger. Business Process Testing tests the system to ensure that the system would work as planned. After the data migration was completed, Grace still had to decommission its old ledgers. 4. How successful was the general ledger migration? What are some of the risks of adopting a single general ledger system from a single vendor to run a global business? a) 1. All of the WR Grace shares a common accounting infrastructure 2. Management can quickly develop an overall picture of the company’s financial status 3. The company’s financial status, and most of the ledger can...
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