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Topics: Entity-relationship model, Google, Bankruptcy in the United States Pages: 6 (1690 words) Published: December 5, 2012
MAN1600D Information Systems for Business Trimester 2, 2012 Student Copy Lab/Tutorial Activities
Most lab/tutorial activities are questions/activities in which similar questions/ activities could be given for the corresponding assignment task or for the final exam. Note: Acronyms used in this document - CE (Chapter Extension) Module 1 Lab/Tutorial (Participation Not Assessed).

Readings: Kroenke Text Book (Experiencing MIS), Chapter 1.
Q1. Do you think it is important for business students to learn about Information Systems? Why or why not?
Create a Google account if you do not have one (you will need this for next week). Your lecturer will provide you instructions on how to create the account. Your Google account must be usable by next week’s lab. -------------------------------------------------

Module 2 Lab/Tutorial - Participation Assessed:
Readings: Text Book (Experiencing MIS), Chapter 2 (p 27 onwards (from Q4 What is information), CE 2 & CE 3: In Question 1 of this activity, you will use Google Docs to collaborate before you do this question. The exercise will show you how Google Docs uses version management (you know what changes have been made and by whom and the document is available to all collaborators on the Google server). This part of the activity will be part of the assignment task 1. What is collaboration? Discuss this in class with your team members/partner for the first 10 minutes of the lab. Write down your answer in a MS Word document and save it (one paragraph will do). Upload it to Google Docs and invite your other team members (if in a team) or someone else in the class to collaborate on that document with you (you will need evidence of collaboration as part of the assignment task) i.e. add something, correct something, etc. With your group or your chosen partner, decide first who is going to be the owner/author of the document, this will be the person to upload the document. (Note: There are instructions on Blackboard under Module 2 on how to use Google Docs and what components are required for the assignment)

2. Supreme Supermarkets is a chain of supermarkets located in Western Australia. The chain has been set up by a U.K. based holding company and it is hoped that the chain will eventually become a big player in the supermarket business (the answer to this part will be used in the assignment task).

Using the materials from the textbook/lecture, determine which of these are operational, managerial or strategic decisions and why you consider them to be so (I wouldn‘t expect the answers for the questions to exceed 3 or 4 sentences each):

a. Determining if Supreme should increase their holdings of the Sanitarium brand of health food products for the next two years. b. Deciding whether or not to order more cartons of Coca Cola to restock inventory. c. -------------------------------------------------

Determining whether to expand the supermarket chain to other states in Australia -------------------------------------------------


Module 3 Lab/Tutorial - Participation Assessed
Readings: Kroenke Text Book (Experiencing MIS), Chapter 3:
Visit The Target website at http://www.target.com.au
(I would suggest you move around the site and read not just the home page to help you in your answer – you could make reference to specific things on the site in your answer) Q. Apply Porter’s Five Forces and Four Competitive Strategies models to Target to determine what its competitive strategy is. -------------------------------------------------

Module 4 Lab/Tutorial - Participation not assessed (You will need Module 4 lab in order to do assignment task 3) Readings: Text Book (Experiencing MIS), Chapter 5
Designing a database
Q1. Scenario:
You have been asked to design a Fund-Raising Volunteer database for a...
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