Wow Was My Life

Topics: 2006 albums, World of Warcraft, Game Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: April 4, 2012
World of Warcraft Changed my Life
A life changing experience, there were many times that occurred, but only on truly fits the bill. “World of Warcraft” an online multi-massive-online roleplaying video game changed my life. I was at the point where it actually took over my life and decided what I would do every day. Nothing has had a greater effect on me like World of Warcraft.

It all started on the summers eve of 2007, I had just recently quit playing another mmorpg(multi-massive-online roleplaying game) called “ Guild Wars “. It’s like WoW (World of Warcraft) where hundreds of thousands to millions of people play around the world every day. Guild Wars was like a drug to me, it’s satisfying and deeply immersive gameplay had me coming back to it over and over. Time had eventually passed and went on for the next 3 years and I eventually grew bored of the game, till I found a new fix, World of Warcraft. I had heard numerous positive remarks about W. o. W. and one day I just decided that I might just give it a shot. Hooked! Was the only word I could describe in those early moments as real life itself was voided from my senses. The Video Game was pure, utter visual ecstasy to my young mind. Never in my entire life has a video game impacted me as much as this game had on the first day.

From that moment forward I lived, breathed, and dreamed about World of Warcraft. On weekends I woke up at 8am and played till 2am for a total of 16 hours per day. On weekdays I would immediately come home after school at around 3pm and play WoW every day 5 days a week till 9pm for a massive total of 64 hours of game-time in week! In this amount of time I spent I probably could have worked a fulltime job and overtime pay at the age of 14. An addiction to overwhelming fun was what it felt to me and it eventually got worse as time went by. I barely did any school work in intermediate and high school, I skipped classes sometimes, and I lied to my parents all because I wanted to get...
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