Would You Recommend a Friend to Our Hospital

Topics: Medicine, Management, Patient Pages: 9 (2874 words) Published: March 25, 2013

David M. Dowling
Operations Management I
Southwestern College
20 January 2011
Week 3 – The Culture & Quality at Arnold Palmer Hospital



In this paper I will demonstrate the importance of instilling a culture of quality in employees and

why it’s essential to establish a concise mission statement, code of ethics, procedures and

processes that employees can utilize in order to carry out the hospitals philosophy and mission.

I will also show what systems and processes I would set up in a new hospital to achieve a

culture of quality in a hospital. The paper will also show some of the processes that the Arnold

Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida uses to achieve such a high success rate in customer

satisfaction. The bottom line of this paper is that it’s easy to claim or make the statement that

a hospital provides a quality service. It’s another thing to deliver. Learned and

established techniques from this text will help an operations manager achieve the desired goal for

establishing an environment of quality, excellence and profitability.


My Name is Dave Dowling and I am a new employee at the Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida. After graduating from Southwestern College I was looking for a company that I could exercise my new talents as an Operations Management graduate. I was drawn to Arnold Palmer Hospital because of their dynamic structure and their compassion and care for children. First I would like to give you a little background on the Arnold Palmer Hospital and why it is such an appealing place to work. It was founded in 1989, the Arnold Palmer Hospital (A.P.H.) is sanctuary of hope and healing for many sick children. It has grown to be one of the largest women’s and children’s hospitals in the United States. A.P.H. is a top level 1 children’s trauma facility. The hospital provides tangible services such as neonatal and pediatric intensive care services, pediatric oncology and cardiology. It also provides specialized service such as care for high risk pregnancies and maternal intensive care. The hospital is very proud of its new multi building facility that covers 676,000 square feet and houses some of the finest advanced state of the art medical equipment on the market today. This awesome facility houses 2,000 of the most compassionate and dedicated doctors, nurses and administrators found in any hospital in the United States.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND A FRIEND TO OUR HOSPITAL? 4 As part of the management team I was introduced to many of the processes that have been put into place at A.P.H. They have built a culture of quality that is focused on the patient and their family. The mantra at A.P.H. is “Quality is not just taking care of the patient, but also taking care of the family”. Why is it important for Arnold Palmer Hospital to get patient assessment of health care quality. Does the patient have the expertise to judge the health care he or she receives? In order to feel the pulse of the hospital and truly be able to assess what services need to be added, deleted or modified. Administrators need to know how patients truly feel about the experience they had at the Arnold Palmer Hospital. A powerful tool that A.P.H. has been using is the comprehensive survey that captures a patient’s honest assessment on their experience. Administrators review the assessments on a daily basis. This tool will allow administrators, doctors, nurses and employees adjust processes to provide patients better services. If patients and...
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