Would You Be You in a Different Society?

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Position Paper
If asked the question, “Would you still be you in a different society,” many people would quickly answer yes, of course. Up until the point of being asked this question, many of these people have only experienced life in one country or area of the world. They figure that the way of life they have always had is very similar to life elsewhere in the world today. If not already known to these people, life is far from the same in countries throughout the world. To completely up and leave your current home country and move half way across the world to live somewhere else may be the only way these people can experience true life in another society. At the beginning of moving somewhere new, these individuals or groups of people may think they will be able to quickly adapt to this new life, while remaining the same person and retaining what makes them their unique person. They will soon find out over the course of the world, society has played a big role in the shaping and ways of life for every individual. Nearly every situation that one is placed in, society will play a large part in life. One may say that being placed in a different society they will remain the same person; however, societies influence upon the self is far too great to remain the same exact person you were in a previous society. As an individual in a new society, you will encounter new ways of life, new work and new laws and regulations. As a person moving to a new country and into a new society, it is very challenging to adapt to the new ways of life. Over the course of time, your values and opinions will have changed. You will be immersed in the new society and call it your own.

It is very challenging to remain “yourself” in a new society. The first work that helps in the understanding of life in a new society comes from Margaret Mead’s “Coming of Age in Samoa.” This piece makes it very clear that an individual living in the society will quickly conform to the...
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