Would We Be Better If We Followed George Washington's Farewell Address

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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In the two terms that George Washington had served, he had effectively organized the structure of the Executive Branch and Cabinet, employed the fledgling members of the Supreme Court, and directed with Congress to negotiate national and international issues. In 1796, to conclude his presidency, Washington commenced his own farewell address; furthermore the four points that he stated in his farewell address were advice that America did not take too critically, even though they should have. Throughout time, America should have taken heed and not involved itself where it wasn’t supposed to be in European affairs as well as making permanent alliances; moreover, if the United States had evaded specified political parties and circumvented Sectionalism, then it would be better off.

A prime example of the United States getting itself involved within a European situation, where it had no business, was World War I. Although the United States was neutral prior to World War I, it found a financial opportunity to make a profit from selling supplies to all of the European powers that were occupied in the propaganda. This unequivocally meant that the United States had shed its neutrality. Since they contributed so much to Europe during WWI, America’s industries grew and more jobs were provided to the woman of America; furthermore, new technology was conceived to make manufacturing easier. However, as the soldiers returned when the war was over, production in the industry began to decline and the necessity for workers in factories was not as obligatory as it was during the war. Because of this, there was a shortage of jobs for the men returning from the war since many women had stopped working. This later led to the Great Depression from the dearth of jobs. If the United States had only kept out of World War I by supplying almost every country fighting in it, then not only would its neutral state remain, but maybe the Great Depression could have been prevented, also....
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