Worth the Effort? (Sexual Harassment)

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  • Published : February 27, 2007
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Worth The Effort?

R – This case deals with a woman, Violet Spear, a junior marketing executive, who in my opinion is being harassed at work. She has repeatedly asked her co-worker, Theo Lucasey, not to make uncalled for remarks about her dress-attire, but to no-avail. So she pursues sexual harassment claims with her company, even though it appears that her chances of seceding in her sexual harassment case seem slime. Violet learns that 67% of women who report cases of sexual harassment end up losing their job in someway, and 9% of the cases of sexual harassment are not stopped.

E –The Principle of "Do No Harm" is a no brainier, I also believe that The Principle of Fidelity, The Principle of Lawfulness, ECI, "The Right to a Safe Workplace", and it is important to consider that "Do No Harm" does somewhat limit "Freedom of Expression"

S – (A) Violet proceeds with the harassment claim, but feeling that her case was not taken seriously, initiates legal action against Theo and possibility the company. (B) Violet proceeds with the harassment claim; Theo is reprimanded and asked to formally apologize to Violet.

O – (A) The company sees how serious Violet is the company takes her much more seriously, but possible begin to feel she is a trouble maker, and become more critical of her possible mistakes in an attempt to find a reason to fire her. (B) Theo follows the direction of the grievance committee, and Violet feeling that she was taken seriously feels no need for further action.

L – (A) Violet sues Theo for harassment, and Theo feeling he has the company's decision backing him faces Violet head-on to a along costly legal battle with no winner only losers. (B) When Theo is suspended he thinks over his action and sees that his words were hurtful to Violet and does gives her a heart-felt apology, becomes a better man a friend to women everywhere.

V- (A) For this solution Theo's principle of Do No Harm is upheld but most of...
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