Worth of the Public Education

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  • Published : October 26, 2008
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Worth of The Public Education
Education has a tremendous impact on the human society. It begins at birth and continues until a person’s last day on earth. Human beings gain knowledge and information through education, and use them constantly throughout their lives. Leaders of nations have been thinking constantly how to educate their citizens, because of education’s role as a vital instrument in the development of an individual and society. There are different forms of education exist in the human society. The Most obvious one is the public education. The society offers the free public education to its citizens and citizens are required to take proper education in order to become vital members of the society. The public education, and its system have gone though several changes and lost some of their true values. The true purpose of education and its practice have disappeared in the public education system. Students have gone through hard times learning general knowledge and skills that they need for their future in the public school system. The public education system also doesn’t seem to provide enough extracurricular activities and safe environment to students. The public education also doesn’t help students in developing individual’s character. In today’s society, people tend to give up their small classrooms and unsafe schools to find places that they can get the most valuable lessons easily and effectively. Homeschooling offers lessons that the public education cannot offer and it educates kids to be successful in today’s society. Webster defines education as the process of educating or teaching, but what is the purpose of it? Why or what students have to learn? The true purpose of education is to develop the knowledge, skill, and character of students. The public education has failed to implement those goals in its system. Marlow Ediger describes in his article “The American High School” that “I observe no project based learning or hands on approaches of any kind. The students simply respond in parrot like fashion to the teacher, illustrating the school’s implicit view that students are passive receptacles into which knowledge is to be poured” (816). In today’s fast paced world, education needs to be spread out over a lifetime, and the main thing the public schools need to teach students is the love of learning. Students do not feel that the public education is important and useful to them. Therefore, the lessons that schools offer are extremely boring to them. The travel time to schools, the breaks between classes, the time allotted to take attendance in each class, and disruptions from other students can waste time that can be saved for more valuable options such as reading breaks, or even ending the sessions of the day a little bit earlier. It is hard for both students and teachers to understand the core values of education if there is no love of learning in the system. In this environment students cannot find the true values of education and what its real purposes are. According to John Taylor Gatto, “the true purposes of education are to make good people, good citizen, and each person his or her personal best” (154). It is hard for students to find these values within themselves and learn if they don’t have freedom of learning. Schools do not give students many options to choose. Schools tell students to learn certain materials and expect students to absorb everything. Each student is unique and different. The public education cannot satisfy everyone’s needs and desire to learn something new that is genuinely helpful to each individual. Therefore, not everyone can be such a person that John Taylor Gatto describes in his article through the public education. The public education system teaches students the general knowledge of science, math, English, and history. The author Abu Selinuddin depicts in his article “Good Public Education Is Our Basic Human Right” that “public education is adequate for preparing...
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