Worth Dying for Book Review

Topics: Jack Reacher, Literature, Lee Child Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: June 6, 2013
Book Review
Worth Dying For by Lee Child is the fifteenth novel in the Jack Reacher series. It is an action thriller that will keep you interested, entertained and most importantly reading. You never know what Reacher is going to do next which is why this is such a good read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Jack Reacher is in rural Nebraska. He's on his way to Virginia and only intends to stop for a night, when he is drawn into what initially looks like a domestic dispute but ends up being something much larger. The town is under the control of a very hostile family called the Duncans, who own a transportation company. The local farmers are dependent on the company and therefore live in fear of them. The Duncans have an important shipment coming in, which has been delayed. This is causing problems for their customer and for the customers of their customer. Consequently a food chain of increasingly nasty villains gets involved, with lots of double crossing and mind games going on. Tied into all this somehow is the mystery of a local girl who disappeared 25 years ago and whose body has never been found… My verdict on this novel is that if you like action, suspense and mystery you’ll love this book. It contains all the ingredients that make a good book a good book. A tough hero adhering to his own moral code and standing up for the greater good and a plot that provides a bit of mystery and suspense without causing strain on your brain (Reacher isn't that clever, although he's always slightly cleverer than the opposition). Personally, I need to read a book with plenty of suspense. I like to be kept guessing with a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter and this book defiantly fits the bill. It has momentum and unexpected twists and the tension builds slowly but steadily to a gripping ending. Even though there are some glaring plot holes it still makes for a fantastic read. This having been said, if you are after an undemanding, entertaining and...
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