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Topics: Style, Old Testament, Moses Pages: 3 (420 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Sophomore Composition and Literature
Unit 5 Communities in Chaos
Student Page Activity 3 Dialectical Journal

Dialectical Journal

As you read Cry, the Beloved Country, you will take notes with a dialectical journal. Doing this will help you to track your progress and can be used as a resource both during the reading and once you are done. To fill out your journal, select quotes that you find interesting or significant. If the passage you have chosen is too long, paraphrase or summarize the passage briefly. On the right side, include commentary that addresses your choice. Why do you think this is significant? Is it an important turning point in the plot? Does it reveal a new aspect of a character? Is it strong writing, a good example of Paton’s style? What does this particular quote contribute to the novel?

In the center, note the category or categories for this quote. (e.g.- Plot Point, Character Development, Point of View Shift, Symbol, Imagery, Diction, Figurative Language, Biblical Allusion, Connection to Theme, or Raises a Question) Make sure that your notes contain a variety of categories.

A blank Dialectical Journal has been included on the next page. After that is filled, you will need to create your own pages for your Journal. A spiral notebook will help you to keep the pages organized.

Sample Dialectical Journal Entries:
|Quote |Category |Commentary | |PG: 33 | Biblical Allusion |From Old Testament- Moses and the burning bush. Used to | |“Stand unshod upon it, for the ground is holy.” | |emphasize the holiness and value of the valley | |PG: 34 |Imagery |Keeps using flesh and blood to describe the dirt and mud- | |“great red hills”...
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