Worst Nightmare

Topics: 2000 albums, Hand, Stomach Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: September 5, 2012
Worst Nightmare
The worst nightmare I have ever had was when I had dreamt that I was in bed lying down looking at the ceiling and my room looked twice as big as it really was. It was pitch black and it seemed like there was nothing else in there but my bed and the walls surrounding me. It started with me hearing strange noises and voices of a man, a women and little children. I laid in my bed in a long white silk gown and quickly sat up and stared into the darkness. I asked softly “Who’s there?” but no one answered. As I pressed my feet onto the cold ground I stood up and walked slowly towards the door as I got closer the voices grew louder. It sounded as if the voices were telling me, “Hurry Amy! Hurry!” As I put my hand on the steel door knob my heart started beating faster to where it felt as if my heart was about to explode out of my chest. I turned the door knob and opened the door slowly and walked into a long hallway with windows covered in torn white curtains and dark brown stains. The only light seeping into the hallway was from the moon. As I got to the end of the hallway there was a wooden door with scratch marks and what looked to be a few fingernails jammed into the right side of the door. I didn’t want to open the door; I was too scared to see what was waiting for me on the other side. I felt a soft tug on the bottom left of my gown. I held my breath and my eyes were wide in fear. As I slowly turned around I saw a little girl standing a few inches in front of me. She was wearing the same exact gown as mine and had long dark brown hair but I couldn’t make out her face. All that was shown was the tip of her nose but everything else had a dark shadow covering the rest of her facial features. I bent down and asked her, “What’s your name?”, but she wouldn’t answer me. I heard a click behind me and jerked my head around to see someone had opened the door. When I turned back around she was gone. I got back on my feet and walked into the room behind me...
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