Worst Leadership Experience

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  • Published : September 29, 2012
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Worst Leadership Experience

My worst leadership experience occurred in a hospital when my mother was hospitalized in Bangkok for her liver transplantation in 2009. Due to liver failure, my mother felt breathless even after walking a short distance and tired after talking continuously just for a few minutes. As the eldest in the family, I had to take the leadership role by taking all the responsibilities of seeing out my mother’s various medical investigations in the hospital. Liver transplant operation was carried out by the well-known surgeon and the operation was a success. But, my mother was unable to breathe on her own anymore after operation because her lungs cannot supply enough oxygen into the body. The surgeon decided my mother was needed to be placed on a ventilator, until she was slowly able to breathe on her own again. After a week or so, she was transferred out of ICU and put in a specialized ward. It was there that I met the head of the ward doctor with whom I started to development a bitter relationship. Since my mother cannot talk because she was on ventilator, I was exclusively allowed to stay in the ward to look after my mother. As a start, I felt that the doctor didn’t seem to like the presence of me in the ward most of the time while other people could visit at specific time. When I offered him my opinion about the condition of my mother, he didn’t pay much attention about it. I had an impression that he must be an egoistic doctor, yet he possessed an air of confidence and seemed to be well-respected figure by the likes of nurses and fellow doctors. The small disagreement with him started the moment when he set the oxygen supply low, which made my mother quite difficult in breathing. I requested him if it was possible for him to increase the oxygen supply but he objected, giving me the reason that he was trying to reduce my mother’s over-reliance on ventilator. He said that if my mother is too comfortable on the ventilator, the recovery...
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