Worst Laderhip Experience

Topics: Coffee, English-language films, Drink Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: May 30, 2013
It was a non- profit organization for young people who are eager to learn English, Japanese and Korean. Although it was a small and private organization, we had quite a number of students at our learning centre. The reason I was there was I wanted to have work experience and also wanted to have future opportunity for trainings and studies because the SLC normally had special opportunity for people who volunteered there. Apart from normal classes such as writing, listening and reading etc, one-day trainings and workshops were sometimes held by SLC for its students and students from outside. During my second year of working for SLC, I had the worst experience in my life. As per the plan, I had to go to Japan for training for two months. I had been waiting for that chance for exactly a year. I was very excited for that too. However, I had to find someone myself to substitute me during training time because our head officer was in oversea. But I did not want to lose that chance as that was one of the reasons that I came to this organization. It was not also impossible to hire new employee for this short term period. Fortunately, I had a friend who is very active, and eager to work as a volunteer at our organization. So, I asked him for help then he agreed me. Finally, I left for training to Japan. I learned new things a lot in my training and made many friends from international youths. I did not have any communication with SLC during my training because I believe my friend’s skill that she could do the job well. Two months later, I returned to my country and went to SLC. As soon as I saw our head officer, he suddenly seemed very stranger and got angry so I noticed that something happened at SLC. Coincidently, I went to him and greeted and said that nice to see you again. He replied nothing. What is wrong sir? I asked. Then, he told me everything that had happened during my trip. My friend was very addictive coffee. He cannot help drinking coffee 5 times in a day....
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