Worst Experiance

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The Best, Worst Experience of My Life
One night my family had a bon fire and my sister and I were playing. It was late and my hands were almost invisible to my naked eye. My sister and I had a swing set, and in front of the swing set we made a small brick castle that was huge in my eyes. Later that night I decided that I wanted to do the superman on a swing. I ran as fast as I could towards the swing and tried to jump on; however, I missed the swing entirely and fell straight onto the castle. A 6 inch gash, which was about 1 inch deep, was immediately carved into my leg and while I screamed in pain. As a fountain of blood was flowing out of my leg, my parents finally decided that it was too late to take me to the emergency room so they cared for the cut. They wrapped the cut with medical supplies and tape my leg. To this day I still have a large scar on my leg. This is one of the first times in my life that I had to trust my parents. This trust developed through my entire childhood up to now. Most children learn that their parents are the most trustworthy people that they will ever know. While the cut on my leg was pretty bad, my parents knew what to do to take care of it even though it left a decent size scar. A large scar would have appeared regardless of whether or not I went to the doctor. The relationship one has with their parents is more than just simply parenting. My parents grew to be my guide, my strength, and most of all my friends. As a kid, I learned everything from my mother and father, especially since I was homeschooled until 7th grade. Simple things like how to read and write, how to shoot a bow, and even how to cook I learned from them. The way my parents raised me makes me the person that I am today. While I grew up my parents would always be supportive of what I wanted to do. They taught me to never give up on my ideas and passions, and from that I was able to succeed. Even when it came to relationship problems with friends or girlfriends...
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