Worst Day of My Life

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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The Worst Day of My Life
Sherry Miller
Everest University
ENC 1101-157 Composition I - 157
Elaine Childs
November 4, 2012

The Worst Day of My Life
In this essay you will read about one of the worst days in my life. It is the story about the first time I was raped. I was 13 years old, a junior high school student (8th grade). See I used to have a newspaper route that I delivered before school and got the baby-sitting job after school. Well one day while delivering the newspaper to these town homes, Joe (the husband) stopped me (see he was the security guard for the town homes). Joe asked me if I baby-sat, and I said “yes”, so he asked me to come over to his house to meet his family. The reason that they needed a baby-sitter is so that the wife can do her errands and he can sleep between jobs. See the Joe had two jobs. He worked at a pizza parlor and as you read earlier a security guard at the town homes that I deliver the paper, too. I got the job which made me excited, because now I could save up faster for my first car. Everything seemed to be going fine, until one day. See I showed up to the apartment like I had been for a month to baby-sit the kids, while the wife left to do her errands and Joe was supposed to be sleeping, which gave me a chance to work on my homework. See Joe looked asleep when I went to put the youngest in to his crib, which happened to be in his parents’ room. While working on my homework, Joe called me from the bedroom, so I thought that maybe the baby was awake and that is why Joe was calling me. When I noticed that the baby was still asleep, I asked Joe why he called me to the room if the baby was not awake. He did not say a word. Joe grabbed me by my wrists and pulled me hard down on the bed. As I fought to get my wrists loose, the harder he held on. He held me down by my wrists (to this day I still cannot be held around my wrists). As he held me down by my wrists, he climbs on top of me. He started to...
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