Worldwide Telecommunications Multicultural Workforce and Teamwork

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Worldwide Telecommunications
Multicultural Workforce and Teamwork
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October 09, 2011
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Multicultural Workforce and Team Work
“We need to educate and train our young people, including immigrants, so that they can become leaders in the globally linked economy.” (Rosensweig, 2001) In a multicultural workforce, problems can arise within the teams if communication and culture awareness are not established first. Worldwide Telecommunications is a large company that has several people who are from other countries working together. Some of the departments moved to India last year and the staff speaks to each other daily. The headquarters is still in the United States. In the workplace today, most people are of a different race, creed, nationality, and religion than others. This can have many effects on a large corporation that stretches from one side of the world to another. When working in a team conflicts can happen if expectations are not set up for the members. People in a diverse team should be aware of the cultural differences and what this means. This paper will also go over advantages and disadvantages that Worldwide may encounter with the recent changes to the workforce. It will discuss the language barriers a multicultural team may have and how to overcome it. Cultural Differences in Team Work

“Cultural is everywhere a person looks. Culture is based on knowledge, beliefs, art, laws, morals, customs, religion, language and any capabilities or habits acquired as a result of being a member of a certain group.” (Markel, 2009). It is in the workplace, the schools, and in the home. No matter where a person looks, some other culture has provided some kind of influence whether it is food, clothing, or communication. America was founded on people from other countries, coming together to unite as one sound voice. Even after 200 years, America still has thousands of immigrants pouring into the country to find better jobs, better life and better opportunity. This means thousands of different cultures coming to America every day to inhabit and flourish here. When immigrants come to America usually, it is for better jobs. When a person from another country works in an environment mostly dominated by the American culture conflicts may arise and communication can be unsuccessful. When a company hires multicultural workforce diversity training is held to educate the employees on the all things relating to diversity. There may be a seminar on building interpersonal relationships, negating stereotypes, cross cultural perceptions or even ethics. To provide an employee with the education on the different cultures within the company is a first step in developing relations with the new hires Worldwide Telecommunications has implemented into the company. “Cultural literacy is where you learn to understand and accept the differences in other people” (Markel, 2009). With an acceptance of others, concepts and values will a multicultural team succeed. Interviews were conducted at a company in Scottsdale, AZ called ABC Solutions about multicultural workforces. ABC Solutions is a large corporation located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Brazil. The company also has outsourced the operations department to India. This company’s main function is supplying technology called the switch to hotels and travel websites all over the world. The switch technology processes billions of transactions monthly from hotels, and websites for people to book reservations. The company has a very diverse workforce that interacts with each other daily. The interview was given to four people, which are all of different cultures; the cultures were Russian, Romanian, Indian and American (Caucasian). The questions were the following: Question| | | | |

Do you enjoy working in a team with different cultures?| Yes| Yes| Yes| Yes| Do you feel that language is a huge part of a...
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