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Worldview Assignment
Worldview is the framework of beliefs by which a person views the world around them (Hindson 2008). In the book Consider, by Weider & Gutierrez (2011) they compare a worldview to the colored lens in glasses and how the color of the tint affects how you see the world around you. Every living and breathing person has a worldview even if they do not know it.

Biblical Worldview
An understanding of biblical worldview must start with how all life began and how man came into existence (Weider, 2011). In the story of creation (Genesis 1:1) God created the entire world out of nothing. In Genesis 1:27 God continues by creating man in His own image. An important part of a biblical worldview is the belief that life begins as soon as we are formed in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). Identity

Another aspect of understanding a Christian worldview is answering who a person is and are humans above animals (Weider, 2011). God set man apart when He used His hands to create man instead of just speaking him into existence (Gen. 2:7). God gave man dominion over all the land and creatures on the earth (Gen 1:26), not to be worshipped but to take care of it. God himself made the hierarchy order clear when he states man is “worth more than any sparrows” (Matthew 10:31). Meaning

The third fundamental question that must be answered to understand biblical worldview is why man exists. Man exists to know and serve God. The primary reason man was created was to be in a right relationship with the Father (Gen 3:9). In His Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) God tells us to go out and tell others so that they may know how to have a relationship with Him. Morality

The fourth essential element in a Christian worldview is the perception of what is right and wrong and applying it to your life (Weider, 2011). The bible should be our compass for knowing what is right or wrong (2 Timothy 3:16). God in His divine wisdom gave each human a...
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