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Worldview Assignment

A worldview is a person’s philosophy of life, a framework a person brings to decision-making and a filter or lens which a person uses to interpret life and the world around them.
The question of Origin ask “how did life begin?” and “how did man come into existence?” Our answers to this question determine our decision about how we live and where we draw our values through sense of meaning and life. According to Naturalism, man is a machine and when that machine breaks life is over. Genesis 1:1 and Psalms 139: 13-16 both describe God as being the creator of all things.

The question of Identity ask “what does it mean to be human?” and “are humans more important than animals?” Mankind is a product of evolutionary forces. In Psalms 8:5 and Genesis 2:15 male and female were both created in the image of God. Mankind is responsible to take care of God’s creation.

The question of Meaning or Purpose asks “why does mankind exist?” Humanism sees mankind as a highly evolved animal and through reason can conclude that man has right and responsibility to give value to her/his life. Deuteronomy 11:13 and Leviticus 19:18 explains that we are to know God by following his commandment and love him for ourselves.

The question of Morality or Ethics asks “what is meant by right and wrong?” and “how should we live?” When declaring something is right or wrong, one is expressing emotions rather stating facts. Right and wrong are not related to man’s perspective, but based on God’s standards. In Genesis 3, Adam acted against God’s will by eating forbidden fruit. Man is born a sinner according to Psalms 51:5.

A biblical worldview influences me to treat others with the same treatment they treat me with. God says love your neighbor as yourself in the Ten Commandments. By loving our neighbors we should treat them exactly how we would like to be treated. I use that commandment everyday regardless of my mistakes or wrongdoings. People may not get along with...
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