Worldview Paper for Nursing

Topics: Christianity, Early Christianity, God Pages: 6 (2349 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Tina Abraham
Nyack College
Professor Inseon Hwang
NUR 301: Christian Nurse
Christian Worldview: Christianity vs. Naturalism

A worldview is not determined simply by a single factor, value, belief or view. It can be described as a collection of beliefs a person has about his or her life and the world around. This worldview can include aspects such as a consistent decision making process, an idea of what is right or wrong, and also who or what authority do I respect and follow. This view can modified constantly by factors including experiences that a person might face, a changing environment, and different values. There are many different types of worldviews and perspectives people have about the world that help to shape who they are. In many professions it is critical to have a strong foundation and a firm worldview to help endure everyday battles and difficult situations that may arise. Nurses especially are faced with different and difficult situations almost every day of their working careers. In these situations it is important to have a constant decision making process and a strong belief in what is moral and ethical. I believe that my worldview as a Christian has helped me to make moral and ethical decisions in my life and has shaped my character, and will continue to do so as a nurse. What is a Christian Worldview?

I believe Christianity is based on life and teaching of Jesus as presented in Old and New Testament. There are three largest groups of Christianity in the world; they are the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the protestant sect which has many other denominations in it (McCalman 2009). As a young Catholic, I was to memorize many prayers, one being the Apostle Creed. In the creed it is stated that “Jesus suffered, died and was buried and in the third day He rose again, He will come to judge the living and the dead.” I was taught that He will return to judge and everyone who believes in Him and they will be given eternal life. The spread of Christianity extends from the cities of Hellenized Roman Empire to East Africa and gradually towards the South Asia (Robert 2011). Many Apostles traveled widely and established new communities in many of the major cities and regions throughout. In reality Christianity is an infinite personal God exists. He created everything in the world that we live in now. We know that the universe as we know it has a beginning and will have an end. We are unique creation of God, in Genesis 1:27 it is stated “so God created man in His own image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” That means we are personal, eternal, spiritual, and biological human beings to God. We learn the truth about God through revelation and having faith in God. We learn the truth about the world he created through the Bible. Christian’s have many moral and ethical values which are objectively expressed of an absolute moral being. Also Christians believe in the Ten Commandments, the holy sacraments and the apostle’s creed, which we learn about moral values. In early Christian belief, Judaism came into existence before Christianity and believed that it was divided into a new religion from Judaism soon after the destruction of the second Temple that happened in the year 70 CE (Schrijvers 2009). In Christian belief, Jesus Christ is the prophesied Messiah in Torah or the Hebrew Bible. The foundations of Christianity and all the chief claims that are accepted by the followers can be seen in the ecumenical creeds (Robert 20110. As a Christian or a follower or any worldview it is important to answer the question “Who am I?” In my belief and understanding I believe that I was created by God, and from His hands I was given into my mother’s hands. The purpose that I live each day on this earth is to serve God and be a testament of his mercy and grace. The Catholic Churches are headed by bishops in a spiritual union with the Pope, and the Bishop of Rome is...
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