Worldview Comparison

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Reflection Paper
Moral Reasoning and Worldview
October 24, 2011

This paper will summarize the Christian worldview perspective, while offering an overview of my own worldview; a Christian perspective with a spin I like to say. The ANA Code of Ethics, Provision 2 will be looked at in relation to an issue experienced in my personal practice and I will apply the Christian perspective as well as a Modern worldview perspective and explore how the application of each could affect the possible outcomes.

Title of the Paper (Level 1)
As nurses we need to take into account each patient’s worldview perspective and support their views, even in the face of clinical evidence that that decision may not be feasible. Because each person carries their own worldview, one that is subjective, to impose our own view on them is to show disrespect for the nature of their being. Ethical behavior demands that although we may not agree with the perspective of the patient we are treating, we need to be cognizant of their view and honor their wishes even if it is in opposition to our own view, so long as it does not bring harm upon self or others. The Christian Worldview Summarized

According to Sire (2009), Prime Reality from a Christian perspective is, “the infinite, personal God revealed in the Holy Scriptures.” (p. 28) Sire continues to explain in more detail that God is infinite, personal transcendent, omniscient, sovereign and good. J. Woodward, ( states that, “God, the really real, then remains propositional to the person believing. In spite of all this, the believing person continues in his belief and begins to align everything else alongside, or in contrast with, this propositional God.” (n.d.) If we are to understand the Christian worldview from Woodward’s point of philosophy, it would be that as Christians, our belief in God as infinite, personal, all knowing and loving is propositional and subjective. Woodward tells us that “God is a proposition taken by faith alone since no empirical evidence gives reason for faith in an eternal, almighty Creator.” (n.d)

The nature of the world around us consists of matter, according to the website Exploring Christianity. “The universe is the creation of this God and is dependent on him for its existence. It had a beginning and, in its present form, will have an end. Matter is real and good. God himself shared in created human nature in the person of Jesus Christ. Though God maintains the created universe, he is distinct from it. He himself is beyond space and time.” (n.d.) According to Sire, “God created the cosmos ex nihilo,” (p. 31) out of nothing - he spoke it into existence. He created the cosmos “as a uniformity of cause and effect in an open system.” (p. 31) Sire explains that the universe is orderly, without confusion. The universe is open to change based on our actions, such as pollution or conservation efforts. Fundamental to Christianity is the idea that man was created in the image of God as is stated in Genesis 1:26 where it states, “Then God said, ‘Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.’ “  (Genesis 1:26, New International Version) Being created in God’s image gives us a significant relationship with Him, allowing us to enter into a loving, personal relationship with Him. Sire states, “each person reflects (as an image) the transcendence of God over his universe.” (p. 33) The website Exploring Christianity states, “God has created humans "in his own likeness" with self-consciousness, freedom to make choices, moral accountability, intelligence, and spiritual qualities that enable us to relate personally to him.”(n.d) Death is a difficult topic to broach, even as a Christian. We all wonder what happens when we die. This perception, or belief, varies...
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