Worldview: Christianity and God

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What is a worldview?

Worldview is the framework from how people view life and the world. It helps you understand God, the world and man. All of mankind has a worldview or some type of worldviews. Man’s worldview can be a combo of things you believe to be true, and whatever a person’s view is/are it becomes their driving force behind their emotions, decision making, and their actions towards people and God. Now there’s also the Christian view and it has us believing in moral absolutes, human dignity, miracles, faith, and redemption. They sat that Christianity that is taught in the bible is in itself a worldview. (Rm. 12:2) Origin

It is believed that God created the earth, heavens, mankind, animals, and everything else on earth. (Gen 1) Gods glory exist in all things on earth, He gave us domain over all things He created. (Ps 8:3-9) He gave us the Bible to guide us through life. Another belief of people believes the end is what you see around you.

When it comes to Identity, Christians believe that the word states that God created man in his own image. (Gen 1:27) Some believe it’s about whether a person is good or bad. We were giving dominion over everything on earth, god instructed us to reign over animals in the sea, fowl in the sky, and all animals on land. (Gen 1:28)

Meaning and Purpose
Why were we created, what is our purpose in life? Ask myself that a lot, but God created us so we can have a relationship with him. Christ died on the cross for our sins so that we could get to know Good better. (John 17:3) Jesus says that our purpose is to spread his word and to do the will of God. Man being created gave God pleasure and therefore we existed to know and please him. (Rev 4:11)

Morality is the character of being in accord with principles or standards of right conduct. Ethics is the discipline with what is good and bad and it deals with moral principles and values. From a Christian worldview the concept of morality is simple....
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