Worldview and Perspectives

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  • Published : November 29, 2008
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Worldview and Perspectives

Worldview and perspective are two concepts that have different meanings. As worldview is the beliefs that are a part of who we are and have grown deeper with more good or bad experience we go through. We apply our Worldview beliefs in almost any general situation we stumble upon as it is the logical thing to do(from the person point of view). Worldview is hardly subject to change as it is deeply engraved within a persons mind, hence when 2 people agree on a subject of argument it is the common values in their worldviews that tend to rise in this situation as it is hard to imagine someone else's worldview due to different life experience the two people had, it is much easier to find the shared or common values and beliefs(perspectives). As for perspective on the other hand, is how the situation looks from your own perspective or position, As perspective is greatly affected on how deeply you are involved in a certain situation. Unlike worldview, your perspective can be easily understood by another person as it doesn't involve deep values and beliefs rather, it depends on the situation the person is in.

These two concepts of worldview and perspective can apply in every day life as I had my point of view on the war in Iraq that it was lunched by the USA for oil domination but, my friend had another view of the situation, as he saw the invasion on Iraq is so that the USA would have more control over the middle-east but, we both share the same view as for the invasion was a great loss for the American army. We both have different perspectives on the situation but, the same worldview. Another example is when I argued with my friend about if the INTERNET has a positive or negative effect on it's users, I think it has a positive effect as it greatly helps increasing my knowledge and allows me to meet and know many people all around the globe. On the other hand my friend has another view...
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