World Wrestling Entertainment in Australia: the Investor Guide

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International Business
Sir Shahid Malik

Scope of Operations3
World Wrestling Entertainment3
Industry Introduction4
Australian Governance5
Entertainment Industry of Australia6
Wrestling in Australia6
Australian Wrestling Federation6
The Strategic Management Process7
SWOT Analysis of World Wrestling Entertainment7
Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of the Wrestling Industry9 Pestle Analysis for WWE in Australia11
Business Operations Environment of the Company13
Company set up procedure and Time Duration13
Human resource situation in Australia14
Social Security Level in Australia15
Current Corporate Tax Structure15
Cross Grid of Porter 5 Forces and Pestle16

Scope of Operations

What is the new Business market for WWE, after having Successful Business Operations in USA, INDIA, CHINA, JAPAN, TURKEY and SINGAPORE? Is Australia is the right Market for WWE to start their new business venture? How Australian Market Benefits the core Business of WWE i.e. wrestling?

This Investor Guide will provide all the answers of above mentioned questions. In this report we will analyze the core business operations of WWE. We will discuss the Australian Market and why we choose this country by analyzing its demographics, political, economical, technological and environmental structure and their results on the business of WWE. We will also discuss the external forces i.e. Porter Model and its impact on WWE. At the end we simply provide an answer of the question Is Australia is the right market for WWE? by comparing different results.

World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment began its operations in 1952 under the ownership of Vince McMahon Sr. as the Capitol Wrestling Federation. In the late 1960’s, the name was changed to the...
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