World Without Colour

Topics: Color, Light, Eye Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: October 24, 2012
No doubt, a World without Colour will be extremely boring. But, one many of us will gasp in disbelief when we understand that various colors seen in this world of objects are actually non-existent. Every object is basically colorless but when it is exposed to solar rays these objects absorb certain colors from the rays and reject others. It is only on this basis that we see ‘colored’ objects. That color not absorbed by an object is sent back i.e. reflected. This reflected light enters our eye and thus we think that object to be of the reflected solar ray’s color. Plants in reality are not green in color since basically they are colorless. But they appear as green because plants cannot absorb the ‘green’ color of solar rays falling on them. Since this green color gets reflected it enters our eye which assumes that the plant is green in color. When the green unabsorbed color gets reflected it enters our eyes and thus the latter out of delusion says ‘the plant is green in color’. Yet, a monochrome World be much similar to watching a black and white television. There would be not much variation and everything would be of the same shades, black and white, would be so gray, sad and gloomy.. Colours make nature, fashion, flags and the various races much more interesting and diverse. Without colours, nature would not be appreciated as much as it is coloured. A peach and an apple would look almost identical. There would be no distinct features. There would be no longer a wider range of choices when shopping. Accessories like earrings and necklaces would no longer stand out unless they were really one of kind. Therefore, I strongly agree that without colour, the world would indeed be a boring place to exist.
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