World Wildlife Fund Ad

Topics: Tiger, Poaching, Endangered species Pages: 4 (1493 words) Published: September 24, 2012
T. Gregory
October 31, 2011
Writing Assignment II: Animals Have Families Too
This advertisement by the World Wildlife Foundation shows a little girl that looks like a tiger cub about to be shot by a poacher. Instead of focusing on all the endangered species in the world, it concentrates on Tigers only. This image focuses on the ideas of tiger conservation, family, and poaching in hopes of pulling at people’s heart strings to raise money. The main way they do this is by focusing on your family and connecting the viewer to the advertisement by manipulating their emotions. By manipulating the viewer’s emotions they cause them to donate money to the tiger conservation effort. If poaching continues the beautiful tigers of the world may become extinct.

The most prominent idea shown in the advertisement is family, and they do this through connecting the viewers to the image through the sentence that the World Wildlife Foundation mascot says which is, “Imagine this is yours.” This text is in what looks like a Times New Roman font that does not stick out from the advertisement, but the diction used makes a huge impact on the viewer. Instead of using a figure of an actual tiger, it is being personified by using a little caucasian girl that is about five years of age as the figure presents. If the advertisement had used a regular tiger cub the emotions drawn out from it would be from those who think little baby cubs are cute animals, but by switching it to be a child that looks like a tiger cub you get the emotions not only from those who love tigers, but you also get it from those who believe family is very important. They want to emphasize the idea that everyone, including tigers, have families and neither people nor animals want their cubs or children to be gunned down by a greedy poacher trying to make money by breaking the law. This advertisement makes the viewer think of themselves as being a tiger, and makes them think of what it would be like to lose a...
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