World War Z

Topics: The Zombie Survival Guide, Max Brooks, Zombie apocalypse Pages: 6 (2053 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Book talk assignment
World War Z by Max Brooks

1. Max Brooks is an American writer and television voice-over actor. In his career as a writer, Brooks shows an obvious interest in zombies. His first book was “The Zombie Survival Guide”. It touched on what he described as pop cultural myths about zombies. Later on he produced “The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks”, a graphic novel based on his previous work. Finally, in 2006 Max Brooks writes the novel, “World War Z, an Oral History of the Zombie War”, which described a global infection which reanimated its victims as the “undead” and the resulting war between mankind and the zombies. The rights for the latter story have been purchased by Plan B Entertainment, which will produce a movie based on Brooks’ novel. I am very interested and excited that this book is being turning into a movie. I look forward to watch it. 2. This novel is a work of horror fiction. There obviously no zombies in the real world. The author describes in graphic detail the appearance of the zombies and the horrific attacks upon the living. 3. The setting takes place in the near future in different countries. The narrator describes the outbreak in various countries around the world through the interviews with the many characters. 4. This story is about a man named Brooks who interviews people around the world about them witnessing beginnings of the outbreak and the resulting devastation. The zombie apocalypse was over, but these people are still haunted and traumatized by what they experienced. The story is in third person because the narrator did not participate in the story, but the narrator was interviewing everyone who had survived the outbreak and he relates the experiences of each character. 5. One of my favourite characters in this story is the doctor, Kwang Jingshu, in the beginning of the story because this doctor was very dedicated to his patients and was deeply moved by the people suffering. He helped the village in China rather than being coward. He even risked his life to get the blood sample from the infected child and study it. He was imprisoned by the government in order to keep what he saw a secret, but he escaped and reported to the outside world what happened in China. 6. The major themes are:

-The beginning of the outbreak, survival
The rise of the zombies and the near extinction of the human race (World War Z). The decision to reclaim the earth from the zombies.
Victory over the zombies (End of World War Z)
7. This novel would apply to my life because it made me realize just like the situation in the story, I rely a lot, maybe too much on modern technology. We all can’t rely on technology because what would happen if those resources disappear? Some people would panic because their revolve so much on technology. 8. The observations/lessons that the story makes are:

Our overreliance on technology, i.e: the army relies on weapons to much that did not affect on the zombies and forgetting of basic training skills. How much the world is interconnected i.e: the rapidness of air travel allowed the virus between countries and continents very quickly. There are people in the world that would exploit the suffering and panic in order to get rich. In the story, here was a character who sold a false cure and knowing well that it did not work in order to get rich from desperation. 9. “I wonder what future generations will say about us. My grandparents suffered through the Depression, World War II, then came home to build the greatest middle class in human history. Lord knows they weren’t perfect, but they sure came closest to the American dream. Then my parents’ generation came along and [messed] it all up—the baby boomers, the “me” generation. And then you got us. Yeah, we stopped the zombie menace, but we’re the ones who let it become a menace in the first place. At least we’re cleaning up our own mess, and maybe that’s the best epitaph to hope for. ‘Generation Z”.

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