World War I and American Pacific Fleet

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World War I

1. Which countries were parts of the Triple Alliance?
* Germany, Austria Hungary and Italy.
2. Which countries made up of the Triple Entente?
* France, Russia and England
3. What 2 wars did Otto Von Bismarck conduct to unify Germany in the 19th century? * Seven Weeks War (1866) and Franco-Prussia War (1870)
4. Who was the Black Hand?
* Unification or death unofficially known as the “Black Hand” a secret military society formed by members of the Serbian Army to fight for the independence of Serbia. 5. Who did the sign the Reinsurance Treaty with?

* Russia
6. What was the most important reason for the Germany wanting to sign the Reinsurance Treaty? * To eliminate the possibility of the two-front war and also reduced the political stability between the Germany and Russia. 7. This event, mediated by Bismarck of Germany, gave Austria-Hungary control of the various regions in the Balkans, while the Russians received nothing. * Congress of Berlin.

8. Why did William II not renew the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia? * Because the Russia became very worried by this change in this events, and begun to look for new allies. 9. Who was Gavrillo Princip?

* Was the man who assassinated/killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. 10. Why was Italy not committed to helping Germany during WWI? * Because Germany and Austria-Hungary became offensive of Agreement of the Triple Alliance. 11. What caused Great Britain to declare war on Germany?

* Because Germany violate the Belgium neutrality. Germany invaded Belgium. To prevent German hegemony in Europe. 12. What was the final spark that influenced the start of World War I? *

13. What happened on July 28th 1914?
* Austria-Hungary declared a war on Serbia
14. What happened on August 1, 1914?
* Germany declared war on Russia.
15. What happened on August 4, 1914?
* British ultimatum to Germany.
16. Who dominated the seas before 1914?
17. Who was the radical revolutionary in Russia that staged a second revolution and negotiated the peace * Vladimir Lenin
18. The area between front-line trenches which was a wasteland of barbed wire and land-mines. * No man’s land
19. During the World War I, who was part of the Big Three? * Woodrow Wilson (P.S. US)
* Georges Clemenceau (PM. French)
* David Lloyd George (P.M. Britain)
20. Newspaper articles and government posters that painted a positive picture of the war would be referred to as: * Propaganda
21. How did the government powers increase during World War I? *
22. What were the Wilson’s 14 points used for?
* It was intended to assure the country, and the world, that the Great War was being fought for a moral cause for postwar peace in Europe. * Reliance on open diplomacy rather than secret agreements. * Freedom of the seas.

* Free trade.
* Disarmament.
* Adjudication of colonial claims with respect for the sovereignty of the colonial peoples. * Assistance for Russia.
* Respect for the integrity of Belgium.
* Restoration of French territories.
* Adjustment of the border of Italy based on ethnicity.
* Autonomy for the peoples of Austria-Hungary.
* Guarantees for the independence of the various Balkan states. * Self-determination for the peoples of the Ottoman Empire and free passage through the Dardanelles. * Independence for Poland.

* The formation of a League of Nations to guarantee independence for all countries, large and small. 23. What was the Treaty of Versailles?
* An International agreement signed in 1919 at Palace of Versailles that ended the World War I between Germany and the Allied Nations. 24. About how many people died during The First World War I? * About 10 million number of cost died in WWI.

Rise of Totalitarian States and Russian Revolution

1. "If we have people who are richer than...
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