World War Two Africa

Topics: Mediterranean Sea, Morocco, Tunisia Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: February 4, 2013
ILE An Analysis of Operation Torch In the study of any operational planning there are many aspects to consider . For the sake of clarity and focus , Operation Torch will be studied with an eye towards assessing its objectives , the enemy ‘s center of gravity , the battle ‘s decisive points , and finally its culmination aspect . The following pages will described the above-cited facets of operational planning in detail .MAJ . Jennifer Marrast Host Objectives The major goals of Operation Torch was outlined by Roosevelt and Churchill to the Commander-In-Chief of the Allied Expeditionary Force -Gen . Eisenhower as follows :Occupy and take control of the Oran-Algiers-Tunis area in the northeast coast and Casablanca in the northwest coast .Occupy and take control of the entire area including French Morocco and be prepared to take similar action in Spanish Morocco this will lead to favorable conditions for an extended offensive to the east through the Western Desert (eastern Libya and western Egypt .Complete annihilation of air and sea operations against the Axis forces opposing the British forces in the Western Desert and intensification of operations against the Axis on the European continent .The joint British-American planners stationed at Norfolk had to carefully consider what the general objectives and to determine what is possible based on the limited resources the Allied forces had at that time .In order to have a workable operational plan the end result was first established and working backwards , the planner attempted to show how to achieve the detailed specifications required of the mission .First of all , the planners delineated how to exactly carry out the task and they began by specifying that it must be a combined land , sea , and air assault against the Mediterranean Coast of Algeria . The planners were very specific that it is only after succeeding in Algeria then they could proceed to capture Tunisia .The planners then made it clear that at the same...
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