“World War One Was Unavoidable” Discuss.

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  • Published: March 11, 2012
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“World War One was unavoidable” Discuss.


World War One began in 1914, August 1, when Germany declared war on Russia and France. Countries started mobilizing for a continental war, one of the bloodiest conflicts in the history of the humankind surrounded by many different theories, why it has emerged and how it could have been avoided. In order to fully understand the origins of World War One, I am going to start analysing European diplomacy from 1870’s when the war was still avoidable. The first major changes in Europe were made when France lost the Franko-Prussian war and Otto von Bismarck united the Germany. Britain was a well economically established country and Russia was going through industrialisation but their citizens were increasingly unhappy with their regime and Austro-Hungary had problems with their dual monarchy system as the national rivalries kept emerging within their European empire. The second part of my assignment will consist of analysis of the period when World War One was unavoidable and this mainly relates on German Kaiser Wilhelm Second, which dismissed Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck and started bullying Europe. When the July crisis appeared in 1914’s, German and Russia did not backed down, Germany gave ‘the blank check’ to Austria-Hungary and Russia did not restrain Serbia, a peaceful conference also was no longer a solution and so the first World War has began.

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First of all, Germany was one of the major influential countries in European Diplomacy by the end of 19th century. It is very important to analyse its actions taken, which later led to this worldwide massacres. From 1870’s Germany was a democratic monarchy with power held by Kaiser Wilhelm II and Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. As the United Germany had dominance in Europe after the Franko-Prussian War, Otto Von Bismarck had his main objective to keep France isolated and do not give any reason for major European countries to ally with them. The...
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