World War One

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  • Published: July 18, 2014
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Vianca Vidal World War 1 Cause, Course and Consequence American History

World War one was one of the most important war in the twentieth-century history of Europe. The war was fought between members of the Triple Alliance which were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy and the Triple Entente which was Great Britain, France, and Russia. At one point the United States enter the war has well.

There were many events that directly led to the fighting but there where actual root causes like Alliances, Imperialism, Militarism and Nationalism. I will be writing in more details the events that caused World War 1.

In Europe they had defense agreements that would put them into battles. If one country was attacked other countries that where allied were bond to defend them. When World War 1 started Germany and Austria-Hungary allied and became the central power alliance. In 1882 Italy joined the alliances. In 1894 France made an alliance with Russia has well in 1904 France also made in agreement with Britain called Entente which really is not a formal alliance but a promise to work together. In 1907 Britain decide to enter a entente with Russia which formed a triple entente with France, Russia and Britain.

Imperialism was also a cause of World War One because Germany got jealous of other countries that had places that you could gather raw materials and cheap labor. Germany also was building their own empire that Britain got worried about their power and improved their empire has well. Because of Germany’s increasing empire most other countries thought they were to win so they made alliance...
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