World War III Theory

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Tuskegee University
Sea power and Maritime Affairs
Spring Semester 2013

World War III Theory:
Even though countries such as the United States may believe that they are prepared for anything that will come their way. , an event such as World War III would be the end of life as we know it because it would be unlike any war that we have ever been involved in due to the threat of nuclear attacks. Countries like North Korea have already shown their interest in the use of nuclear weaponry.

MIDN 4/c Johnson, Devin

War is a term that humanity is all too familiar with; it is a term that is defined as a state of armed conflict between nations or states or different groups within a nation or state. Humanity has seen their way through all too many bloody wars. Is another war really what’s best for countries? The United States only has seen gory battles such as World War I, World War II, and Vietnam; The outcome of these battles have given us the freedom to live the way we do today but do we really need to consider another world war? What will happen to the future generations if there was to be a world war III? Will it last longer than any of our other wars? What will be the outcome of this war? These are questions that we must answer if we are to be certain that we can survive another world war.

Many may agree that another war would be beneficial to the livelihood of their country but in actuality there is too much at stack to start another world war. World war would be a horrible choice for the United States because we are still recovering from conflicts in the Middle East. We are not prepared to take on another world war especially with the threat of a nuclear attack floating over our heads. War has evolved from the simple gun to gun combat we were so used to, it is now a conflict of who has the bigger bomb.

Threats from countries such as North Korea and Iran have been flooding the presses and it is putting many Americans on the edge of their seats. Most recently North Korea has sent in a threat saying that they have bomb pointed at American targets including US military bases on foreign soil. The threat of nuclear attack is becoming all too real for us and our military is beginning to prepare for any event that may come our way but will it be enough? Is a question that many Americans would like an answer too? Our government itself is in disarray at the moment and that is an advantage that many would take advantage of. Are we really prepared to get our children involved in another war? Are we prepared to send mothers and father away from their children with the uncertainty that they will return, many Americans would agree that the cost is too great.

Aside from the loss of many of the lives of our troops on the ground, in the air, or at sea we must also be prepared for the possibility of attacks on US soil. The war on terrorism is still in effect and terror threats are still a big issue for our country. Given that we have many dedicated organizations that are ready to meet the threats and end them before they begin we are still not prepared for the possibility of a world war. If we are to accept the possibility of world war, we must also accept the possibility of an increase in terrorist activity. Just as war is evolving so is terrorism. Terrorist have evolved from simple assassination to full on mass murder examples of this would be 9/11, the shoe bomber event, and the trans-Atlantic air airliner bombings.

The United States have been on edge when it comes to the threat of terrorism in the US. American agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NCIS, secret service, and the US Marshalls are already at a moment’s notice when it comes to combating terrorism. The CIA for example has been very active in the war on terrorism by aiding the US military and all of its allies in the pursuit and apprehension of possible terrorist suspects. Even though we have so many agencies and allies on our side we still might not be...
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