World War II History

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More than anything else, texts concerned with history and memory are reliant on the relationship between purpose and selection. * Points to look out for:
* History and memory
* Relationship
* Purpose - topic sentence
* Selection - represent
The interrelationship between factual history and factual memory allows a universal understanding to be gained. Denise Levertov's Libation and A Letter to Marek about a Photograph are showing personal experiences as well as a sense of separation and about the World War 2 refugees. Similarly in Nam Le's The Boat we can see the personal experiences and the refugees. Through all of these texts we can see the purpose of showing personal experiences and the stories/memories the refugees have an impact on us as individuals. As this can represent the different lives that refugees have to other people.  

The Boat by Nam Le is about the journey of a Vietnamese family's boat trip out of Vietnam to Australia. The family had remembered that "they had ventured into the fields of death." This is showing his audience the consequences and the implications that come with catching a boat from your country in search for a better life. The refugees remember the re-education camps as a terrible and horrifying place. Mai has memories of suffering on the boat; it was a terrible place for Mai to be "he stood like a scarecrow, frozen" was one of the scariest memories that Mai has. This was because a man had committed suicide. "The morning of the thirteenth day - a couple of fisherman sighted land." this was such a sign of relief for the refugees on the boat because it meant that they were finally safe; after all that time and all the way that they had come; at last this horrific trip was coming to an end. In Denise Levertov's A Letter to Marek about a Photograph we see Levertov concerning about the refugees, the depression and this poem was written in a very different structure to most poems. This relates to Le's...
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