World War Ii: Good or Bad War?

Topics: World War II, United States, World War I Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: March 4, 2011
While no war is a “good” war, sometimes to maintain the security that is necessary for the residents of the country war has to break out or be joined. In the case of the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor, German U-Boats attacking our vessels, and Italy protecting the other two countries, these “evil” powers were indeed risking the safety of the citizens of the United States. As any parent would want to protect their children the best they could, Eisenhower knew that declaring war was the only way to protect the people’s well being. This is what makes the war to be a so called good war.

“In less than two hours, Japanese warplanes launched from carriers far out at sea had taken so terrible a toll on the Pacific Fleet that the War Department would keep the exact details to itself for years”(The War 1). Eight of nine American battleships, three light cruisers, three destroyers, four other navel vessels, and one hundred and sixty-four American aircraft were all destroyed in a very short amount of time. The two thousand four hundred and three Americans lost under this attack make the more devastating effect. Shortly after the attack, the residents of the mainland were hearing of the dreadful news on their household radios. Terror and fright were struck to many of the women while the men were urging for revenge (The War 5). After this horrifying attack on American soil, the Japanese made themselves an evil enemy for the United States.

Japan not only made the terrible scare of bombing Pearl Harbor, they also held some of our soldiers hostage under no free will whatsoever. The prisoners of war were scared for their lives every single day as they had to make their long journeys to camps such as Camp O’Donnell. They made so many dangerous travels and had such back breaking work, there were people dying by the very first week (The War 83). The work and treatment of our POWs were so bad they were willing to do anything in their power to get out of these camps. In one account...
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