World War Ii and Pride

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“All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he, Knows his course is wrong, And repairs the evil: The only crime is pride.” This quote from classical Greek play write Sophocles’ “Antigone,” is an important lesson to learn that still holds true today. People make mistakes big and small, but it is how one deals with those mistakes that measures the moral caliber of the person.

If handled correctly, one can learn from their mistakes to prevent future ones; although pride often gets in the way of this learning. Through my experience in high school, I have witnessed many students show reluctance when asking questions. I believe this reluctance comes from a fear of being wrong or a fear of asking a “dumb question.” I believe that pride is used to mask the fear. Students use their pride to act as if they have no question and understand the concept being taught; when really they may be clueless. The pride prevents them from asking a question that could be beneficial to their education.

Some say that having an abundance of pride is a positive thing. History disproves this. At the climax of the Second World War the Japanese were faced with two options, surrender to the allied forces or continue the war and risk greater casualties than the ones already inflicted. The Japanese are a very proud people, and surrender is seen as dishonorable. Japanese soldiers would often commit suicide than surrender to they enemy and bring disgrace and dishonor to the family name. So when the Japanese were faced with this situation they chose to keep fighting. The United States responded by dropping the atomic bomb on two of Japan’s biggest cities, killing thousands of Japanese citizens and destroying many homes and buildings. If the Japanese didn’t remain prideful and would have surrendered many lives would not have been lost.

In the excerpt of his play, Sophocles is trying to get across that making mistakes is okay when you out down your pride and admit that you have...
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