World War 2 Essay

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Now here comes the sad part of the story, at least my family thinks it’s sad but I don’t think it’s sad myself. I began to hear singing over the A&P public address system. “Shake it up baby! Shake it up baby! Twist and shout! Twist and shout!” I had to see for my self what in the name of Pete was going on. It seems that our barely dressed friends had decided to give us a live concert. Behind the Diet Delight peaches, the girls had constructed a stage made out of milk carts. The milk carts were covered in paper tablecloths and decorated with flowers from the plant aisle. The queen stood in the middle of the stage and belted out the lead vocals while her white shoulders swayed to the beat. The other two sang back up as their bodies twisted on either side of the queen. “What do we do now?” Stokesie asked me. “You don’t think the bathing suits are going to come off do you?” “I really don’t know what these girls have planned for their next trick,” I said. “But I’m thinking we should just sit back and enjoy the show.” I was actually a little worried at this point if these girls were crazy or dangerous or both. Unfortunately for the girls and the audience off shoppers who had gathered around to clap and join in the sing along, McMahon decided that this was a matter for the local police. I didn’t notice the blaring siren of the police cars that pulled up in front of the A&P, but no one could miss the 10 police officers running down the cookie aisle and past the meat counter with night sticks in the air. The captain in charge shouted, “the party is over!” “You girls are under arrest!” The sobbing girls were cuffed and read their rights by the police. As the girls were being marched out of the A&P in their bathing suits, a fully clothed girl ran up to stop the police. “Officers, this is all a mistake. I am Sarah Lake, the president of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority at BU. These girls had to sing in bathing suits to pledge...
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