World War 2 and Its Effects

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Identify Two Consequences of World War Two, and Whether They are Still Felt by Today’s Generations.

Consequences of World War II in the Past and Present

World War II has been a pivotal factor in transforming the world as we see it today. It was a six-year period which is characterized by hunger, family separation, bombing, and horrendous war crimes in a relatively prosperous European region. The objective of this essay is to highlight two of the most significant consequences of the War on the world as a whole, as well as its indelible effects today in the society after 70 years of its occurrence. Needless to say, an event of such a stature has a very strong potential to cast a deep-rooted impression on human society. Two of the significant consequences of the Second World War highlighted here are; the renewal of the efforts to maintain peace at international level by forming the United Nations, and the reshaping of power in the world economy.

The breach of treaties and inability of leaders to secure domestic lands from external attacks highlighted the inability of League of Nations to sustain peace and stability in the international environment. It was created after World War I, in which the power was concentrated in the hands of two superpowers then; Germany and France. This concentration of power led to several other problems and made the War an inevitable occurrence. Consequently, after World War II, the United Nations was formed, which focused on equal distribution of power, by having five major countries as Veto members; UK, USA, France, China, and USSR (Ross, 2005). This was the second global organization established in the world, which has been effectively playing its role since then, in not only maintaining peace, but also in protecting the rights of small and underdeveloped regions.

It is vital to mention here that after World War II, Germany was not only defeated but divided as well; Japan was in...
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