World War 2

Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, World War I Pages: 4 (1563 words) Published: February 28, 2013
World War II was a war from 1939 to 1945, which took many innocent lives. World War II was also known as the second war because of how much it reminded people of World War I. World War II involved more nations and cost more money than any other war in history. The war had four major causes that made this a big war. The first cause was the Treaty of Versailles, the loss of all that land to other countries simply made Hitler's early aggression look justified. The second cause was the League of Nations failed to keep peace which made countries leave the failing League, and realized that they would have to fight a war. The third cause was that the Appeasement encouraged Hitler’s aggression, making Hitler think no one dare stop him, which encouraged him to go further and further until in the end he went too far.  The fourth reason was Hitler became Expansionist and some historians think that World War II was Hitler's personal war, because he always intended to fight a war. Adolf Hitler had a big effect on World War II by killing many people. He mostly killed people who were white, so it was more a religious and ethnic killing. He mostly targeted Jewish people and Slavic people from Eastern Europe.

Beginning with the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, it isolated the United States and caused disputes among the English and France. Also, Italy was also affected by turning on the Allies. Germany was impacted the most with worsened conditions. This treaty was supposed to end World War I and the disagreements. Instead of ending disagreements it only stirred up more tension and arguments. This Treaty was signed by Germany at the Paris Peace Conference after World War I, and it led to World War II because German leaders and citizens thought the treaty’s terms were too harsh. The German government was forced to sign the treaty at the Paris Peace Conference under threat of more fighting from the Allies in result of the defeat of the Central Powers in World War I. Some terms for...
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