“World War 1 Was Not Initially What Australia Expected”

Topics: World War I, World War II, Australia Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: August 4, 2008
“World War 1 was not initially what Australia expected”

In 1914 when WW1 broke out due to England declaring war on Germany because of several causes, Many Australian men enlisted, wanting to support their mother country,England. Everyone,including the British had the naive thought that the war will be over by christmas and thay theyll be great heroes In the country.To the contrary,as these ANZACs trained to prepare for the war ,they had no idea what they would expect but they soon found out it was horrific experience which wasted thousands of lives.

When WW1 first started, everyone wished to defend Englandand,firmly believing that it was an honor & privelige to serve. They all walked around like a parade and sang the British and Australian anthems before the war. Chanting in unison “we’ll show Jerry what we’re made of.” Often the men who didn’t enlist for the war, the women would walk around and would give them a feather which symbolised 'Cowardice'.In this period of time, men were all under pressure to join. Some joined for experience, some joined to be heroes, some for the nation and for some,were conscripted to by the government.

When the war went in to full swing, they realized it was dramatically differnt from what was previously encountered. The modern revolutions in technology combined with the trench warfare tactics was,for lack of a better word, catastrophic. Diseases, shellshock and trench foot.Living standards,were droping drastically as the time pass due to supply lines thinning. The remaining australians felt betrayed by England because England asked the impossible from them. many felt that the ANZACS were given suicidal tasks to complete. These people in this period of time felt extremely frustrated at the progress of war .

The aftermath of World War 1 was equally depressing. 6000 ANZACs dead, over 10,000 wounded and many came back from war with shellshock(Now known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). A majority of Australians had...
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