World War 1 to World War 2 Comparison

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How were the United States goals in World War I similar or different to the United States goals for fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan?
The United States goals in World War I and Iraq and Afghanistan are very different, and this is partly because they are in totally different time periods and the technology is very different. World War I took place from 1914-1918 (Strachan 1), whereas the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started in 2003 and are still going (Deese 1), although many of the United States goals have already been accomplished. Also, the causes of the wars were totally different. They were not started for similar reasons partly because of the time period, and because of some of the conflicts with other countries.

The United States had a few prominent goals in World War I that stood out among some of the others, and one of them was making allies with other countries so that they could become more powerful (Strachan 1). They did this in many ways; one of them was joining to fight on the “allies” side of the war with Britan, France, and Russia (Varho 1). This would help them to become more powerful, and to win the war because the “axis” powers weren’t able to stand up to a whole new country pushing the military on them as well. Also, the United States joined the allies because of the sinking of Lusitania, this was a British passenger ship, and it was sunken by a German U-Boat that was illegally off the coast of England (Strachan 1). Another cause that showed the United States was allying with other countries to become more powerful was that President Wilson stated that “The United States would make an effort to end the war by joining and defeating the axis powers.” (Varho 1) Also another goal of the United states in World Fitzsimons 2

War I was to neutralize the Germans as a threat in the iron and steel industry, as they had been trying to surpass the United states in production for the past few years. The United States saw them as a threat as they started to rival the production by increasing the rate in which they produced steel greatly. Germany had more than tripled their production, (Strachan 1) so it was very obvious to the United States that Germany was trying to surpass production. The United States needed to stay the leader in production because it directed the entire nation’s economy toward the war efforts, and if Germany was making more steel than them, then the economy would be weaker because of the cheaper German steel. (Varho 1). Another reason that the United States decided to join World War I was that Germany had launched unauthorized submarines to the east coast of the United States, and they needed to be removed or destroyed. These German boats had already sunken the Lusitania, which was one of the main British passenger ships, that had not been a threat, so the German U-Boats were then viewed as hostile. Germany was also cutting off the British supplies, which was not allowed by the United States, so they had to step and in take a stand for the British.

There were many causes from the United states involvement in World War I, and one of the most important ones was the United states became the first and foremost world power after. This caused the United States to be a formidable opponent, and they gained even more allies after the war because they seemed like the strongest, most dependable country. However, this also made them more of a target for some of the other countries, because they wanted to gain what the United States already had. Another cause of the United States becoming the first supreme world power was that they could develop Fitzsimons 3

more powerful and stronger weapons than anyone else could at the time. (Strachan 1) The United States also lent out money that the other countries were supposed to pay back, although they never ended up doing it. Even though the money was never paid back, the United States ended up gaining allies for the future wars, and that was...
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