World War 1 Cause

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What Was the Underlying Cause of World War One?
30 million solders sprinkled their blood all over the Europe land, we heard the crying, heard the yelling, we feel pity for those who lost their lives in the war---- World War One. This war was start in1914 with an assassination of the Archduke of Austria caused by a Serbian nationalist group called the Black Hand. This spark soon flamed out of control, Russia and Germany involved first to help, then whole Europe join the war. Four years long and 10 millions lives later, Europe was looking for answers, what was the underlying cause of the war? Underlying, means be the cause or basis of something. So after we learned from all those documents we could get that the 3 underlying cause of the World War One were Alliances, Militarism and Imperialism, of these, Imperialism was the most significant one. First underlying cause was Alliances. During World War One, there are two main alliances were at war----Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy) (From Doc A) and Triple Entente (Russia, United Kingdom, France)(From Doc A), the blasting fuse of the war was the assassination in Austria-Hungary. Russia helps Serbia, and Germany helps Austria-Hungary, later involved all the other countries (From Doc Background Essay). And at beginning, Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary was in a same alliance, until later Germany from another alliance with Italy and Austria-Hungary, Russia was free to seek new alliance with France, which was very resented about Germany, then Britain join them, two main power formed (From Textbook page 696). From alliance, we can recognize the alliances system request each member country has responsibility to defend and help other member countries when they are in trouble, and that means one little thing will become a chain and draw all the countries in like France and Germany. Rival alliance system made government increasingly nervous. And different alliances will always blame each other first....
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