World War 1

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  • Published : April 9, 2012
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World War 1 was the beginning of the development and first uses of many different kinds of technology, which would, in time, be of great use. These were created primarily to outdo the enemy countries on the other side of the battlefield, so in turn, they would have the upper hand in the war and could potentially defeat their enemies permanently, winning the war. Many countries based their technological developments off of the opposing sides. Weapons were also created in order to have a more ideal way of fighting against other countries high-tech advances. For the most part the technological advances during World War 1 included the use of air warfare, the use of tanks, and sea warfare. Air warfare, was a large part of the important advances in World War 1, because of planes being deployed on far larger scales during this time.They needed air crafts fit for the different battle situations while the fighting occurred. A commonly used air craft used around this time and years before were tethered observation balloons. These were air craft balloons used for enemy intelligence spotting, along with artillery potting as well. They were previously used in the time of the French Revolutionary wars, but reached their peak of usage during World war 1. Aeroplanes; or Airplanes were all so of large use while World War 1 was happening. They were originally introduced to the military at the outset of the war. Aircraft technology was quickly and relentlessly developed to produce machines capable of serving each country initially in reconnaissance missions(FirstWorldWar) RECON, being another word for scouting. Exploring, or scouting was a very important tactic in which opposite sides of the war could spy on enemies, in order to gain more information about them, along with the fact that exploring would help them discover new features of the environment they were currently located in. When it came to planes, and their jobs, there were different planes depended on to complete...
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