World Vision

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World Vision

Executive Summary
World Vision is an international Christian relief and development organization working to promote the well-being of all people especially children was established in United States in 1951. World Vision seeks to serve people who are poor worldwide, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic origin. After so many years of building a network of interdependent, national organizations delivering relief and development that are responsive to local needs, World Vision's International office is planning to implement a major global HIV/AIDS initiative that challenges the strategic direction, organizational capabilities, and even underlying values of its carefully constructed world partnership.

Not only does the new AIDS initiative require much more central direction than is customary in this global partnership of World Vision organizations, each with its own independent board of directors, but it also is acknowledged to have little support among World Vision's donor base and even its internal organization. Those issues mentioned in the case are those regarding children crisis, HIV and AIDS, child nutrition and health, child participation such as and the use of children as combatants in armed conflict , economic justice and development. While the problems include the following the war of Vietnam which starts to absorb the organization’s energy, lack of long range planning, lack of adequate mechanism for administration.

In 2002, World Vision, along with other NGO partners, received one of the largest emergency relief grants in history to provide food and related assistance to tens of millions of Africans affected by the decade’s worst famine in Southern Africa. World Vision has continued to be a voice for the poor by helping to stop the flow of conflict diamonds fueling civil wars in Africa, deterring sex tourists who prey on innocent children abroad and calling for an end to the use of child soldiers in wars.

World Vision, founded in the United States in 1951, is an international Christian relief and development organization whose stated goal is "working for the well being of all people, especially children." Working on six continents, World Vision is one of the largest Christian relief and development organizations in the world. World Vision was founded in by Dr. Bob Pierce, a young pastor and missionary, who had first been sent to China and South Korea in 1947 by the Youth for Christ missionary organization. Pierce remained at the head of World Vision for nearly two decades, but resigned from the organization in 1967. Pierce also founded the evangelical organization Samaritan's Purse. World Vision began caring for orphans and other children in need first in South Korea, then expanding throughout Asia and, eventually, in more than 90 countries, embracing larger issues of community development and advocacy for the poor as part of its basic mission to help children and their families build a sustainable future. World Vision International operates as a federation of interdependent national offices, each overseen by their own boards or advisory councils. A common mission statement and shared core values bind the partnership offices and members together. Each national partner abides by common policies and standards and holds each other accountable through an ongoing system of peer review. The partnership offices – located in Geneva, Bangkok, Nairobi, Cyprus, Los Angeles, and San José, Costa Rica – coordinate strategic operations of the organization and represent World Vision in the international arena. Each national office, whether in the developed or developing world, enjoys an equal voice in the organization's governance of world vision. An international board of directors oversees the World Vision partnership. The full board meets twice a year to...
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