World View : Response to Naming the Elephant

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  • Published : October 10, 2010
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What is Prime reality - the really real?

Prime reality is the idea that it is real for you. Every person’s reality is different for each individual as each person has their own set of beliefs and ideas. It is an interesting concept to wrap my mind around as I am still trying to capture all the lessons I have learned in this class and also all the information I have learned from the book to be able to appropriately answer this question. With the current information I have I would have to say prime reality for me is one in which I can utilize the information in. For me to be able to focus in this life I must view prime reality as the one in which I am accomplishing things. If I am not viewing this as the really real then I am constantly questioning my actions and challenging what I am doing with this question always at the forefront, “Is my awake state truly a dream state and when I sleep is that real? If this were the case my productivity would be low and my actions on a daily basis would become a constant battle. For now, especially in order to finish my studies I view my awake state the one in which I am accomplishing things based on what society says are accomplishments is what I view to be the really real, of course for now.

My idea of prime reality may forever be changing as I grow and gain more information and knowledge. It will also change based on society’s views of what is real and right for it as a whole. All of these influences will affect my really real and have already. What is the nature of external reality, that is the world around us?

Society creates norms that affect the way all people within that society go about doing things. These norms affects are thought patterns, are daily habits, and are need to prioritize things. Norms can be evil. They set a precedence of a way to do things. In this country there are more freedoms within the norms, but never the less these norms greatly impact our views of right and wrong and...
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