World Religions Report

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World Religions Report

Stephanie Webb

Axia College University of Phoenix

HUM 130


The Catholic religion in the new world was led by ordinary men that wanted to

form a church in similar structure to the church in England. Catholics during this time

period were a minority as the first settlers of the new world were primarily Protestants.

So Protestants during this time period outnumbered Catholics. Catholics wanted to keep

the peace but at the same time they wanted their church to enjoy the same influential

status as they did in England. For this reason Catholics agreed to separate church from

State affairs. So the first settlers of the new world adapted to political and societal

influences that compelled them to separate church from State. This in turn allowed a

restructuring of religion. This restructuring permitted new religious denominations to

form in the new world. Thus religion in America has been based on forms of ancient

religious traditions comprised of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Catholic faiths.

Catholics and Protestants being the primary religions that helped influence societies

moral values and beliefs in the new world (Dolan, 2004)


The earliest forms of Catholicism were formed under five patriarchs. These five

patriarchs included bishops from Jerusalem, bishops from Antioch, bishops from

Alexandria, bishops from Constantinople, and bishops from Rome. Conflicts arose

between the divisions due to political and societal influences. These conflicts led to the

separation of the Catholic Church. According to Haselhurst (2011), “England, France, the

Holy Roman Empire, Scandinavia, and much of the rest of Western Europe were in the

Western camp, and Greece, Russia and many of other Slavic lands, Anatolia, and the

Christians in Syria and Egypt who accepted the Council of Chalcedon made up the

eastern camp”p.5. This division formed what is known as known as West and East. Then

during the 16th century another division occurred when members of the Catholic Church

in the West decided to denounce their Roman Catholic leadership. These members

formed a new group called the Protestants. The Roman Catholic Church today comprises

more than one billion members. The Roman Catholic religion claims to be the

original Christian Church founded by Jesus Christ. Catholics follow beliefs based on

seven sacraments that include; baptism, eucachrist, penance and reconciliation,

confirmation, anointing the sick, holy orders, and holy matrimony. Catholics believe in

finding salvation not just through faith but by fulfilling Gods work through good deeds.

Catholics believe in hell or purgatory as a place where both men and woman go to pay

for their sins. If women or men are sentenced to purgatory they have to be burned by fire

in order to rid themselves of their sins. A Catholic church is led by an ordained priest.

Members of the church go to mass several times a week. During mass they pray, sing,

and rejoice in their faith (Haselhurst, 2011)

The Baptist faith formed under the Protestant movement that separated from the

Roman Catholic Church of the West. Baptists believe that there is one God formed by

three persons. These three persons include God as the Father, Jesus as the Son, and the

Holy Spirit. Baptists believe that the Holy Spirit conceived Jesus Christ through the

Virgin Mary. Furthermore, they believe that Jesus is God, and that God is man. They

believe that Jesus was sent to earth to serve as a mediator between God and man. They

believe that Jesus’s role was to help save mankind from a life of sin. Baptists believe that

God created an angel and assigned him an important role in Heaven. This angel fell from

the good graces of God due to pride. This angel is often referred to as the Devil or Satan....
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