World Religion

Topics: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism Pages: 5 (734 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Comparing 5 Major World Religions
Authors: Melissa Gunnels and Roxanne Wackeen Shankland


▪ Lesson comparing major world religions (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism & Judaism) to gain understanding of their diversity. This will be accomplished through a written, researched paper as well as 2 chosen projects shared with peers.

Learning Objectives:

▪ Students will:

▪ Research a religion using technology (internet, e-mail and web sites) and the library.

▪ Compare similarities and differences of the five major religions (Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity).

▪ Gain an understanding and empathy for other cultures and their past and present struggles.

▪ Practice presentation skills.

Related Internet Sites (URLs):

▪ Jewish Holidays web site -

▪ The Museum of Tolerance -

▪ Overall View of Buddhism -

▪ Web Site for Religions -

▪ Islam -

▪ Hinduism -

▪ Christianity -

▪ Women -

Resources & Materials:

▪ Library

▪ Encyclopaedia

How Will Computers Be Used?

▪ In the computer lab, students will work on individual computers, researching topics related to their religion (on the internet).

▪ Students will use a designated computer with a CD-ROM on subject matter, chosen by teacher. This will be a work station that the class rotates through with partner, while remainder of class completes research in library or computer lab on internet.


▪ This project consists of Two Parts:

1. A written 2-3 page report

2. Projects presented orally

▪ Choose a partner
▪ Pass out the worksheet and discuss.
▪ Classroom time is structured research--utilizing the computer lab, library, and home resources. The following are the directions for this project:

▪ Choose 2 of these religions to research:

▪ Judaism

▪ Buddhism

▪ Christianity

▪ Hinduism

▪ Islam


▪ Write a 2-3 page paper comparing the two religions you and your partner choose. In this paper you will focus primarily on similarities, and explore some of the major differences. You are required to research and report on the following topics:

1. History of how the religion started--including key people and dates

2. Major beliefs religion is based upon

3. Marriage rites

4. Religious rituals and customs

5. Books or writings used by the religion

6. What do those of this faith believe happens after death?

7. Meaning of life

▪ Research must include utilizing the following 3 sources:

1. Info from books/atlases/encyclopaedia

2. Research from internet and web sites

3. Primary interview in person or by E-Mail with a person of each religion

PART II. Choose a minimum of 2 options to do:

1. Venn Diagram Poster -comparing your 2 chosen religions

2. Movie Review-watch a movie based on your chosen religion and write a summary

3. Time Line-of major events and people (minimum of 3 feet long)

4. World Map Poster-showing locations of populations of believers

5. Significant Symbol Poster-drawing of religious symbol

6. Video Presentation-show a video clip to class & discuss

7. Dance-show a video, or perform a dance related to your chosen religion

8. Music-play religious music or hymns for the class and discuss their meaning

9. Food-prepare a dish to share that is reflective of your chosen religion/culture

10. Dress in religious attire, show class

11. Paper bag report-bring 5 objects representing the...
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