World Religion

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  • Published: December 8, 2012
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Comparing 5 Major World Religions
Authors: Melissa Gunnels and Roxanne Wackeen Shankland


▪ Lesson comparing major world religions (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism & Judaism) to gain understanding of their diversity. This will be accomplished through a written, researched paper as well as 2 chosen projects shared with peers.

Learning Objectives:

▪ Students will:

▪ Research a religion using technology (internet, e-mail and web sites) and the library.

▪ Compare similarities and differences of the five major religions (Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity).

▪ Gain an understanding and empathy for other cultures and their past and present struggles.

▪ Practice presentation skills.

Related Internet Sites (URLs):

▪ Jewish Holidays web site -

▪ The Museum of Tolerance -

▪ Overall View of Buddhism -

▪ Web Site for Religions -

▪ Islam -

▪ Hinduism -

▪ Christianity -

▪ Women -

Resources & Materials:

▪ Library

▪ Encyclopaedia

How Will Computers Be Used?

▪ In the computer lab, students will work on individual computers, researching topics related to their religion (on the internet).

▪ Students will use a designated computer with a CD-ROM on subject matter, chosen by teacher. This will be a work station that the class rotates through with partner, while remainder of class completes research in library or computer lab on internet.


▪ This project consists of Two Parts:

1. A written 2-3 page report

2. Projects presented orally

▪ Choose a partner
▪ Pass out the worksheet...
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