World Politics

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  • Published : March 4, 2012
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World Politics
World Politics effects our daily lives because politics is really what chooses what jobs will be created or not created. It is due to politics that we have more than 200 countries today and it is due to politics we have groups of nation that are more privileged and powerful than other. It is due to politics that we have oil rich countries & it is due to politics that we have nuclear nations. It is due to politics that we have water in our locality and a bus route running through our alley. It is due to politics that we have electricity or do not have anyone of these in our home.  It is due to politics and influence the child gets admitted to a renowned school and it is due to politics your promotion or job prospers.  It is also due to politics your status is decided in your village, cooperative housing society or anywhere. It is due to politics you get your voter ID card. It is due to politics you have your influence in society. It is due to politics you are a media darling or a non entity.  Politics is pervasive in our daily life and we cannot just brush it aside in our daily existence as it effects our daily life every moment; from cradle to graveyard.  It effects our life & denying it and not indulging in it would only help us to be behind in the race ,called life.  Dirty Politics & our politicians of today across the world is another story & may be out of a negative choice, but even if we do not care, they still effect our life everyday. The media is another way in which I have been able to participate in world politics. There are several media outlets which aid in influencing my knowledge and beliefs about international politics. News stations such as CNN are most influential to me because of the limited amount of biased information that is used in their reports. I believe that most of their information is based on fact rather than individual opinion as most news reports tend to be. I take the information that is reported...
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