World of Marketing Workseet

Topics: Kyrgyzstan, Turkic peoples, Askar Akayev Pages: 10 (1750 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Part 1 The World of Marketing Worksheet


What best describes your firm’s orientation?

|Production |Sales |Market |Societal |

List ways your firm follows the marketing concept:

1. Focus the customer needs by customized (product adjustment) the customers really wants. Customers will accept whatever design, quality of the product offered to them to fulfill their needs as long as they feel the benefit of having the products. 2. Delight the customers by offering the after sales service such as product knowledge, farming technique and advice assistants thru’ call centre facilities. 3. Used appropriate advertising tools such as social responsibility contribution to enhance customers trusts. 4. Fully utilized the Marketing Mix, Product, Price, Promotion and Placement. 5. Hold that the key our core competencies to achieve organizational goals set up earlier to be more effective then the competitors. 6. Always evaluate the decision made to ensure the profitability for long term survival and the growth of the company.

Our firm’s primary goal for business is:

1. Change the world through science. Our research and development teams continuously strive to develop fertilizer products that target maximizing agricultural harvest 2. The brand’s name BIO EFFECTIVE BENEFICIAL MICROB and BIO ORGANIC FERTILIZER is derived from the company’s name to create an identity to the product and make it established.


Write your business mission:

A reputable bumiputra company that benefits the society via ecological business activities. Focusing on green products through bio nature technology


List objectives of your business marketing plan:

|Objective |Person responsible |Completion date | |To get government’s endorsement from Malaysian and Kyrgyzstan on | | | |the products offering. |CEO |3 months | | | | | |Free promotions from Kyrgyzstan government on product awareness |Business Partners | | |and subsidies to farmers. |Head of Marketing | | | | |1 month | | |Local Warehouse Distributer | | |Utilizing local logistic company to enhance product reach even to|Operation Manager | | |rural farmer. | | | | |CEO, Operation Manager | | |Operating fertilizer plant in Kyrgyzstan after establishing | |2 months | |business in the country |. | | | | | | | | | | | | |2 years |


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