World of Babies

Topics: Research, Customer service, Customer Pages: 9 (3139 words) Published: March 27, 2013
1. Introduction
1. Main Issues
In this report, we are going to show readers about our research on a company based on our chosen industry. We decided to do a research on a company from the children’s apparel industry and we chose World of Babies as the company we are going to do a research on. The method we used to do this research is primary research and we used the interview method in which we interviewed the managing director of Nilai based World of Babies store. We have also identified some business problems like management and advertising issues. Furthermore, we have also identified the 7Ps of this store along with the background history, and finally, we have also written on how we did our research. 2. Component Part

This report is mainly classified into 4 main parts, which are introduction, literature review, methodology and conclusion. In the first part (Introduction), we included the main issues in which we briefly show what this report will be about, component parts to briefly explain what each part of this assignment represents and the last thing in introduction is our research objectives for this report. For part two (Literature Review), we typed in the background history of this company, 7Ps of this company, identified the business problems and the research questions. In part three (Methodology), we described the type of research we are using to find the information in which we are using primary research, justifications and limitations of the method, critical evaluation on how it will affect the end result and lastly, how to minimize these problems. And finally in the last part of this report (Conclusion), we will show the conclusion we have written for this report. 3. Research Objectives

1. To identify the effective promotional method to create awareness 2. To suggest improvement towards the customer service of this store 2. Literature Review
1. Background history
World of Babies is a franchise store selling children apparel and is available throughout Malaysia. In this project, we are focusing at the store located at Giant, Nilai. They are starting their business since early 2010 with three employees in the store, but now they have 6 working employees World of Babies sells product for newborn baby, infant, and children from 0 to 12 years old such as baby wipes, powder, toys, clothes and other baby products. World of Babies sell different types of design and quality for their product, so customer can choose which product is suitable for them. World of Babies always maintain their service such as training their employees, quality of services and serving customer better. Beside that, World of Babies also made promotion sales several times a year to attract their customers. This method is really important because World of Babies want to get the attention of their target market. 2. Product

The main products of World of Babies (also World of Cartoons) are baby products which are made from different places likes China, Thailand, Indonesia, India etc. World of Babies has a standard on what they sell and carry the same brand throughout Malaysia because it is a franchise store, furthermore they also add a few optional brands to suit the taste of the people in Nilai. They provide a broad variety of stylish clothing ranging from casual comfortable wear to smart wear specially to cater for the 0 to 12 years old children. There are times when they are out-of-stock or they simply don’t sell some products, customers may ask them about it and usually, they will note it down and get it for the customers, when the product comes, they will contact the customers so that customers will feel hooked to the store because it’s convenient for the customers. Item| Brand| Price range (rm)| Goods|

Babies wearing | Disney, Winnie the pooh,| 19.50~50.00| Clothes, shoes, hooded towels| Toy| Disney,| 5.00~30.50| Bell, doll|
For mother| Autumn Ample dimple, my dear| 30.00~50.00| Bar, kettle,...
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