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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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What is religion? Religion is a cultural system about deity that establishes a code of ethics, philosophy on life. (Webster dictionary, 2011) Hence, many narratives involving religion tend to gravitate toward giving the reader a “meaning of life” or explaining the “origin of life.” Consequently, in Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel García Márquez, the author uses religion for allusion satire, and humor while Siddhartha, is a religious and philosophical pilgrimage; Thus, religion occurs in both works in entirely different ways. Also, by comparing these two narratives, the knowledge issue that then arises is “to what extent is the author’s usage of religion significant in furthering the framework for deriving the main concepts in the Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Siddhartha?

In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Gabriel García Márquez, uses religion to poke fun at the leaders of the church and compare to Siddhartha, religion does not surface as a path you may pursue for contentment. This first intertextual element which represents the satirization of the leaders of the church is seen through this quote, “....he began to make the sign off the cross in the air opposite the crowd on the pier...without malice or inspiration until the boat was lost from view . . .and the people were too excited with the bishop’s visit to worry about any other news. They’d placed the sick people in the archways to receive God’s medicine, and women came running out of their yards with turkeys and suckling pigs and all manner of things to eat, and from the opposite shore came canoes bedecked with flowers. But after the bishop passed without setting foot on land, the other repressed news assumed its scandalous dimensions”(17-21). In this quote, Márquez is evidently using irony to satirize how the bishop is supposed to be a ‘leader figure’ but here, he does not even seem to care for his community and this is seen as it says, “The bishop began to make a sign of he cross opposite...
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