World in 2050

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  • Published : December 12, 2011
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Report: World in 2050

Terms of reference
In year 2000 many people had hoped that 21st century would bring solutions and provide answers to many questions. But the real story of the 21st century was always going to be green energy and climate change. It may not be the happiest future or the most comfortable one but in the next 40 years the world could end up with only 5 billion people and perhaps less than 0,1% will live the life we have now.

Earth of 2050
This will be a changed world, with different demands and objectives to the present, one which is no longer dominated by the needs and wants of the west, by fossil fuels and major CO2 emissions . The Earth of 2050 will be a green system, dominated by green-tech and renewable energy sources, super green transport and waste disposal systems, an Earth in which technological development it’s at its peek, with world-wide hunger and clean water issues almost eliminated.

In the Earth of 2050 TERRACities will be dominating the continents: Europe, America and Asia, as Australia and all other islands being declared property of WWNCO(World Wide Nature Conservation Organization ) as areas of highly protected ecosystems. TERRACities will be an urban and natural jungle at the same time, sky scrapers being surrounded by sky-jungles and sky-gardens. •ENERGY

The TERRACities itself will be a super power-plant, consuming only 72% of the energy it will be producing, that is green energy of course: -Double-core and Triple-HYPER-arc plasma reactors
-SWIFF solar cells(mega enhanced solar plant which will be producing 150 times more energy than the ones being used today) -BIO-WASTE plants (decompose waste into nano -particles which react with H2 and transform into energy) Economy

World-wide economy will be sustained by the business centers in the TERRACities but also by the “country”-side producers (they will provide BIO products for the markets of the TERRACities). Inport and export will flourish...
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